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RES optimizes the digital workspace.

We enable organizations to provide IT services in a way that maximizes freedom and productivity for their workers, while reducing costs, streamlining IT operations and implementing best practices for optimized security. Workers get self service and more secure, better-managed access to the apps and IT services that are best suited to their immediate working contexts.

Featured solutions

RES delivers quick time-to-value to its customers, giving them powerful new ways to address IT service delivery much more efficiently by solving complex management challenges.

Better endpoint management

Identity & access management

Adaptive security & compliance

Automated IT services

Streamline management with dynamic, automated workspace configurations personalized for each worker, while reducing IT costs.

Enable IT to proactively deliver and revoke access and services when user roles and content change.

Allow IT to protect the business with powerful and context-aware security and compliance controls.

Empower the workforce through self service and automated delivery of apps and services to each person’s secure digital workspace.

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