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About us

EnvokeIT is a consulting company in Sweden and the UK and we dare to say that we want to be best in the Nordics at helping our customers to migrate to and work in the Cloud, we stand behind this statement through a variety of successful projects and that our employees are certified within the necessary areas. Our mission is to make you better at what you do and getting your business to use IT effectively. Our philosophy is that the technical solution should match your current business needs. We have a proven process for the introduction to the Cloud and more importantly for what comes after. Our customers will reach their goals faster and with a great return of investment (ROI).

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We are experts driving the move towards mobile workstyles, cloud services and widening virtualisation.


Consulting and support services that we provide are developed with our customers in mind and aim to deliver benefits fast and securely.


With over 10 years experience in the market we are one of the leading IT consulting companies in the Nordics.


We support all our solutions. Everything from the user support in place to support advanced IT. With our 10+ years, we are used to working in customers’ processes and we all have knowledge of ITIL.

Who we are

EnvokeIT was founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. We are providing consulting services to Sweden´s leading technology, retail, manufacturing and finance organizations. Our expertise lays in both global enterprise infrastructure innovation and local mid-size organization development.

Our team is composed of highly experienced individuals with diverse background, including consultants, developers and project managers.

Our company has been growing consistently and profitably and we now have a team with 20 consultants across Sweden and the UK.
We are experts driving the move towards mobile workstyles and cloud services.

What we do

We strive to deliver effective IT services that add value to our clients with a focus on helping organsations gain business advantage from technology innovation.

In our belief every business out there is unique and have different needs. Our experts carefully evaluate those needs and provide the solutions that fulfill them, real business focused IT solutions. Consulting and supporting services that we provide are developed with our customers in mind and help build the right strategy and deliver benefits fast and securely.

We will help you to make the right changes to your organisation to get your company where it needs to go.