Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Team was released last week, I could not wait to have it of a spin and test it. I have witten down my preliminary observations.

Microsoft Teams have integrated  group chat, video conferencing, file management and other collaborative support tools. I have had a few days to test drive the new addition to Microsoft Office 365  and here are some of my favorite features.

Video conferencing is a huge improvement compared to Skype for Business

With up to four simultaneous webcams on continuous display, I can see more of my team in video meeting at once. The interface is large, with full-screen video that actively changes the size based on the number of active cameras. No cumbersome manual resizing and no waiting for the next speaker to be displayed on the screen.

Searchable chat is phenomenal

I am would call my self a hardcore Office 365 user. You can not find any team more entrenched in Office 365 tools. We are a completely cloud company for our production. You could not use the chat history for Skype for Business because is useless. So useless that we were shortly thinking of introducing slack for our company. However the search in the Team pulls clickable results that jumps to the exact location in the channel or direct message you need. We can leave any Slack thought behind us.

Meetings and ongoing chat is integrated

You can create channels by topic or department where team members can chat every day. When we hold a meeting in a channel, any notes we make going into the meeting room and also appears in the channel. No additional steps are needed to keep notes collected and organized.


There are lots of features are still exploring and integration with Office 365, which will no doubt help my team and my company to collaborate and streamline communication. Microsoft Team is a very welcome addition to Office 365 ecosystem.

Microsoft Teams

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