App & Desktop Virtualisation

Virtualisation is a key when it comes to creating efficient and responsive IT environment. It saves money, energy and other resources.

App & Desktop Virtualisation allows on demand access to apps and desktop to any user anywhere; at the same time it keeps valuable information locked down in datacenter.
If you unsure whether virtualisation is a right choice for your company consider the following:

  • Virtualisation saves money because it reduces the number of servers that need to be run, and thereby reducing hardware costs and saving on energy needed to run the hardware and reduced cooling posts.
  • Save Energy, Go Green.
    Consumers want to see companies reducing their output of pollution and taking responsibility. Virtualizing your data center will go a long way toward improving your relationship with the planet and with the customers.
  • Help move things to the cloud.
    The good news is that by virtualizing your servers and abstracting away the underlying hardware, you are preparing yourself for a move into the cloud. The first step may be to move from a simple virtualized data center to a private cloud. But as the public cloud matures, and the technology around it advances and you become more comfortable with the thought of moving data out of your data center and into a cloud hosting facility, you will have had a head start in getting there.

Virtualisation is one of our core competences and our company was founded based on our expertise in this area.

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