Strong specialist knowledge

EnvokeIT has a partnership with Citrix and is a Gold Solution Advisor. We meet the highest standards for certified consultants in several different levels.

We were among the first IT vendors be certified in Citrix New partner programs. EnvokeIT are Citrix Specialist in the following areas:
• Virtualization
• Mobility Management
• Networking Datacenter

Certification is a receipt of EnvokeITs Knowledge and competence, including under 24 hours installing a comprehensive range of Citrix environments. The background to Citrix New Specialiseringsprogram Is that the solution portfolio is becoming more and more extensive, which places great demands on EnvokeITs Competence in design, implementation and operation.


Citrix Solutions help us to have a mobile workplace. Many companies and organizations are building modern workplaces to optimize the offices and to match the task/activity, which ultimately provides a better and more optimal office.


With applications and data centrally in the data center, one has also secured ones data. In the United States, for example, The healthcare have legal requirement that all data should remain in the data center and not leave traces out on the clients. One consequence of these requirements is mobility.

“Thin” clients

The possibilities created by centralisation also mean the possibility of using thin clients in their business.