Collaboration leads to a better, more organised way of working. Choosing the right tools will improve communication and help teams work better together.

“Collect and nurture your network”

Companies of all sizes use different collaboration solutions as a way to build and maintain relationships, increase productivity, drive innovation and

Promoting creative processes. Collaborative solutions enable users to connect with others, access data and workflow tools from anywhere and on any device.

We at EnvokeIT has worked on various collaborative solutions for many years. We have created smart solutions for email, instant messaging, video conferencing, Learning Services, services to share and manage data, and much more.

Collaborative Solutions helps employees to work together in an intuitive and inspiring way regardless of location. Innovative technology makes it easy for your team to hold meetings online in high resolution, send files securely and keep track of people, projects and processes. Everything is only a few clicks away.

We help you get started and find smart collaboration solutions. There are solutions for all levels of the local IT environment, cloud services or different hybrid solutions.

With our spirit and customer experience, we design the best solutions, which is mainly obtained from Microsoft and Citrix. There are also many alternatives to Office 365, Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, XenMobile, Goto services and much more.

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